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Patrick K. Pryor’s Tablet series makes use of masking tape and acrylic paint to create layers of geometric patterns that take on the character of architecture, maps, and improvisational systems of codes. Pryor begins his process by creating a highly structured pattern of lines, covering the structure with layers of paint, and then sanding through the layers to discover new patterns and colors.

These large-scale works appear to reflect an urban environment that has been built, eroded, and re-built over time. Modular geometric shapes are stacked upon the initial layers in ordered arrays that mimic circuitry, diagrams, architectural details, and tapestries.  Pryor uses a simple palette of subtle muted tones, whites and greys over bright colors that peak out underneath the sanded and tinted surface.  The Tablet series works convey an impression of order and movement in which structure is constantly negotiated, questioned and affirmed. The titles of the works are from various ancient literary sources.  In Pryor’s words “I am interested in the space between the integrity of structures and natural processes of erosion, erasure and change through time. "

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