Jeremy Morgan’s work explores the creation of paintings by improvisational processes. His practice considers the Euro American romantic sublime landscape tradition in relation to the Chinese tradition of Shan-Shui while incorporating aspects of Western abstract traditions. The work reflects on creating paintings that allude to rather than describe, intimate rather than imitate. The creation of Morgan’s work is a process where visual experiences are born of imagination, memory and action. Pulling inspiration from the energy and dynamics of weather, its systems and process, land, geography, and geomorphology in concert with consciousness he lays the visual foundation of his artwork.

Equally there is a significant consideration of the act of painting. Containing the unique fusion of psyche, rheology, matter, time, space and motion it allows for a relationship between intent and the unforeseen. Creating in this way is a means by which Morgan can exist in both the optical and numinous. Traditions of landscape unite his exploration of both Western and Eastern painting. The differing attitudes of the philo-spiritual traditions of both offer approaches that are of interest to him. Aspects of abstraction provide a visual link which he uses to investigate new possibilities. These paintings are to be considered as a form of visual exploration and an archive of states of mind.

At the center of Morgan’s visual manifestation is the recognition and celebration of the constant state of flux that is the human condition. Painting then is the meeting if the visible and otherwise invisible.

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