With a background in architecture, Bruno Castro Santos has been developing his artistic practice in the fields of drawing and painting by focusing on the plastic possibilities of an abstract geometric language.  His work has borrowed many features and influences of Minimalism and Post-minimalism: the importance of essentiality, of the economy and simplicity of forms, the minimal variations of elements, structures, and a precise attention to spatial relations and to its own exhibitive contexts.

In Santos’ drawings and paintings he investigates the formal problems of static representation on a two-dimensional surface. In these abstract works, he addresses issues concerning scale, structure, color, rhythm and dynamism within the composition, revealing his interest on the gestalt laws of perceptual organization. However, within these works Santos does not reject the intuitive and emotional dimension of his approach that includes values such as the accidental, the unexpected, and the occasional.


In these compositions, clarity and order coexist with chaos, as do the formal and the informal, unity and fragmentation, intuition and reason.  The context of these drawings and their non-narrative aspirations forces Santos to question the predictability and the preponderance of rationality over the sensitive in our representations.

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