William Wood's diverse body of work is informed by a variety of currents in art history. Skillfully referencing a multiplicity of artists and movements, the paintings vary widely in technique and content yet are drawn together under a unique aesthetic characterized by a rich painterly quality and visual complexity. His works form part of several renowned national collections including the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, among others.

As an artist, Wood seeks to test the boundaries of painting through the use of unconventional media and techniques. He often combines atypical materials such as newsprint, cotton duck, house paint and gesso, with traditional acrylics, inks and oils, creating distinctive textures and a captivating visual style. Experimenting with digital photography has also played a pivotal role in the artist's practice and several of his works are based on photographs taken with his iPhone. The images are manipulated and magnified to achieve a specific pictorial intent, which the artist then translates to paper or canvas, creating an innovative bridge between the two disciplines.

For Wood, appreciating art is a wholly subjective, individual experience that can be both elevating and enriching. His work aims to forge a connection with his audience, bringing to life raw emotions and ideas. In his own words, "A good work of art hits a nerve in you that makes you feel a connection with the artist…it is something you didn't think you needed until you saw it and experienced it, and then you're a slightly different person after having come into contact with it."

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