Tracie Cheng’s work portrays otherworldly organic forms inspired by the multilayered dimensional of topographical maps. A delicate interplay between meticulous linearity and fluid strokes imbues the canvases with a beguiling character, while diaphanous clouds of color create a sinuous sense of movement and luminous intensity. The works display a complex aesthetic character in which vibrant energy and composed calm coexist, establishing a uniquely dynamic balance that is at once ethereal and sublime yet grounded and temporal.

Color also plays a critical role; metallic hues confer a lustrous, polished tonality, in contrast with softer hues that suffuse each work with a palpable richness and elegance. Additionally, the mellifluous spatial quality of each composition generates an expansive impression of grace and tranquility.

Cheng’s fascination with the intertwined nature of past and present is deeply reflected in the intricacy of her work, which is built up slowly, layer upon layer. Woven into the very essence of each work is the idea that there is always more than meets the eye, that what is visible does not always paint a complete picture. The works themselves function as a contemplative space, one that inspires serenity and quiet reflection. In her own words, “Creating art quiets my mind and inspires my soul, and my hope is that others can have a similar experience through this art.”

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