Stephanie Pryor’s paintings explore the line between abstraction and representation, both physically and psychologically. Her “alphabet” is based on animal, nature, and female body imagery, but more importantly it is extremely personal and experiential. Bodies of work, such as portraits and landscapes, begin with a preliminary line drawing that is created from a hybrid of both directly observed human or natural world forms and photographic referenc

The final images are developed through a layered and staining painting process, which allows for new shapes and areas to form that aren’t necessarily apparent in the original drawing, but come across during a more meditative period of observation.

In Pryor’s most recent abstract body of work, she relinquishes any preliminary line drawing and begins with pure stain and color building the painting in an intuitive way, frequently adding paper, micro-glitter and foil to add depth, light and luminosity. The result is an image that is between a ‘letting go” and control, creating a complex psychology that is both spontaneous and considered.

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