In his decade-spanning practice, Patrick Sansone creates striking Polaroid photographs that reference observations of stillness, lure, and intermission. Sansone’s quiet, dreamy works could double as an album of a road trip we might never have taken. Glass soda bottles, empty auditorium seats, abandoned industrial sites and roadside diners are all caught in the amber of Polaroid film, the artifacts of a near-mythic America.

Sansone captures these moments in glimpses divorced from context - the landscapes and locales are decidedly post-human, almost otherworldly.

Born and raised in Meridian, Mississippi the self-taught Sansone's photographs embody a Southern aesthetic, not unlike Eggleston and Christenberry. Signs of antiquity appear as recurring themes in his photographs as do moments of tranquility and grandeur.

Sansone took the photographs while on tour with Wilco and The Autumn Defense, and the subjects reflect the restless curiosity of time spent between gigs. His lens wanders across building facades and towards the sky, then down again, rendering everything in the hazy light and muted color of instant nostalgia. Through his camera, Sansone offers us a record of a time and place that is thrillingly intimate but forever just out of reach.

In 2010 Sansone published, 100 Polaroids, a limited edition book of Polaroid photography that was met with critical acclaim. Working from 100 Polaroids, Patrick enlarged the Polaroids photographs into C-prints that have been on exhibition throughout the United States.

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