The distant rumble of a tusker emerging one morning from the forests of Nepal. The crack of the shifting expanses of ice in northern Mongolia. The swirl of mist around a lantern atop Hong Kong Island. And now, the silence and space of the vast sand deserts of the Empty Quarter

Palani Mohan’s photographic journey has been long and has taken many roads. His work is a thought-provoking look at space, stillness and the elusive moment when you stand in front of a photographic print made with movement and the play of light. It takes you to a place where you can instantly feel your mind slowing. The smallest of details within it become significant. A calmness sets in and without knowing it you place yourself deep within the image, and by doing so feel part of something much bigger than the everyday.

Indian born, Australian raised, and now living in Dubai, Palani Mohan is the author of six books including his latest - Wind, Water. His work has been widely published by many of the world’s leading publications and is part of the collection of the National Portrait Gallery in London. He frequently speaks about photography, including in the TEDx series and at the Asia Society in Hong Kong and New York.

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