Nik Shanlin’s work is the result of a singular creative process that melds elements of graphic design, computer programming and traditional painting. His complex, multidimensional canvases push the boundaries of conventionality, enlarging the scope of tools that can be employed to artistic means.

Both order and chaos harmonize in Shanlin’s paintings, which are the result of a random and intentional manipulation of images generated through scripting language in a computer program. This approach is firmly rooted in the artist’s background as a graphic designer, but visually draws from varied currents in abstract and modernist art. Forging a new path through the seamless convergence of mediums and techniques, Shanlin has meticulously crafted an aesthetic of uniquely nuanced tonality.

The varying perspectives and geometric patterns of Shanlin’s canvases create optical illusions that radiate energy and pulsate with movement. The textured, layered images continuously invite a multiplicity of interpretations, mirroring their constant verve. The works also possess a unique depth of field, at once flat and sculptural, which contributes to their alluring vibrancy.​

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