Featuring a series of free-form circles, Meredith Bingham’s work is characterized by its frenetic energy and freedom of movement. The intuitive abstraction of the circular form imbues the canvas with an immediate sense of time and vitality of spirit. Closer inspection of the work however, reveals a carefully crafted under-layer that serves to ground the painting and inform its symbolic impression.

The works combine seemingly disparate forms and elements: muted tonalities are punctuated by bursts of bright colors, subtle linearity melds into bold brushstrokes, and delicate textures merge with grainy surfaces. Saturated with energetic movement and subtly playing with depth and volume, the works exude a unique and robust dynamism.

For Bingham, the circle exemplifies the transcendence between artist and work, between expression and creation, manifesting that which is beyond its figurative representation. The universally acknowledged symbol of perfection takes on a different character in these works, drawing their beauty and power not from precision but rather from their instinctive and imperfect illustration. According to the artist the circles in her work are meant to, “show that we are all flawed, broken and beautifully unfinished.”

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