Lush in texture and dynamic in line, Liv Dockerty’s paintings convey a feeling of movement and life. Concentrated patches of pigment seem to pulse with energy, while overlaid marks of contrasting hues squiggle and drip. Colors push against one another, swirling and gathering to create a sense of dimension and form.

Dockerty achieves this tactility and depth by layering different styles of brushstrokes, and a wide range of markings can exist in a single work. In “I’ve Been a Miner for a Heart of Gold,” metallic pigment accretes in small mounds against a ground of tan, mauve, yellow, and white. Applied in generous strokes, the sunset-like colors curl inward and diverge, like a swirling and tumultuous sky. Into this harmonious scene, Dockerty has introduced a flat line of bright red, an unexpected gesture that, through its difference, draws attention to the other, varied techniques on display.

Though abstract in composition, Dockerty’s paintings are rich in content. Their associative titles, often referencing song lyrics, evoke narratives and emotions, while her bold palette invites the viewer to indulge in the sensual pleasure of colors artfully combined.

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