We tell ourselves stories constantly yet this process is largely unconscious. They are reflected in how we live our lives. We constantly pull feedback from the world around us to either validate or inform existing stories or to create new storylines that manifest into reality. K’era Morgan’s work is a reflection of this unconscious process. Guided by intuition and a process that focuses on mindfulness, each multi-media collage/painting is a non-linear story made of fragments sourced from cast off materials from the world around her that are manipulated and reassembled. The collaged paintings are colorful and expressive, featuring gestural strokes, mark-making and various found papers representing ephemeral thoughts, visions from dreams and experiences. Every ripple in the paper or the choice to use a variety of materials replicates life which is rarely black and white or uniform or void of texture.

Morgan is a Los Angeles-based mixed media artist who has a penchant for works on paper and a long-term love affair with cultural textile traditions. She graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago with a BFA in textile design, although she spent a great deal of her professional career in public relations until returning to her artistic calling in 2016. Her works on paper have been featured in a variety of group exhibitions within the U.S. When in the act of creating, time stands still for Morgan. There is no past, there is no future but just the present.

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