George Kanonidis’ artwork is inspired by the spectrum of everyday life. The things that challenge his creative instincts and the various real-life images that inspire him to create are the light and the darkness, nature, sounds and all the elements that can stimulate the human senses. Born in Greece and self-taught he has been artistically influenced by abstract expressionism. His canvases become the "matrimonial" stage of chromatic combinations and feelings where his compositions are revealed to the eyes of the viewer, embodying his thoughts, visions, senses and experiences.

Diving deep into the chaos of feelings, his intention is to capture a moment of uniqueness through color and to transmit these emotions onto the canvas. This process is restless and passionate and is the source of his creativity. In Kanonidis’ words, "each time I stain my hands with colors, each little splash that dries on my skin is enough to make me feel that something clean and honest is about to come to life".

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