Fernando Mastrangelo’s striking sculptures occupy a fluid space at the convergence of art and design, allowing for an expansive interpretation of both their visual aesthetic and rational intention. References to art history and social issues pervade the works, enticing a rich and multilayered appreciation of both their form and content.

To create his sculptures, the artist uses materials common to quotidian life but entirely atypical of fine art, including salt, coffee, sand, glass and cement. He then combines the raw materials with resin, and other industrial components, to create deeply textured and evocative works. Muted palettes, punctuated by soft shadows of color, belie a complex quality that harmoniously integrates this seemingly contradictory practice.

The inherent paradox of his sculptures, yields a unique visual character which foregrounds both the organic nature of each element and the creative and intellectual motivation behind their use. For Mastrangelo, “materials are metaphors, they are inherently loaded with content.” The imperative of his creative process is to provoke a conscious reflection on the human condition and stimulate a narrative between the work itself and the objective concern it addresses.

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