Edward Holland’s compositions bring to life a pictorial language whose intellectual and conceptual foundation lies in the sun zodiac. The geometric shapes and lines of each constellation form a basic framework for each painting, which is then developed through both abstraction and figurative representations.

Holland’s singular and compelling aesthetic combines mixed media, as well as acrylic and oil paint, colored pencil, graphite and collage to create varied textures across each canvas. Bold brushstrokes and delicate lines serve to establish tension and inform individual narratives. Though constellations form the underpinning of each work, their final prominence varies widely. In some compositions the stars remain a central focus, their careful geometry an allegory in itself. In others, the formations are all but obscured, only a hint of their existence discernible.

For Holland, the zodiac recalls an antiquated form of storytelling, a way to communicate universal myths about humanity and the natural world. Parallels abound between this function of the zodiac and painting itself, however the artist seeks to foreground, “the romance of painting and its ability to create meaning, whether directly or openly, empirically or emotionally.”

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