David Mohr’s stark and evanescent canvases are as alluring as they are magnetic. Central to their composition is a complex spatial quality, at once suggestive of depth and flatness, which highlights both the physical form and nuanced space of each work. The muted yet dynamic aesthetic of these paintings is created through a combination of techniques, tools and elements, including the selective use of charcoal, sand, acrylic gel and ink.

Both chance and intention are part of Mohr’s practice, vestiges of which are readily apparent on the canvas. Each piece purposely reveals aspects of the artist’s creative method, evidenced variously by erasures and corrections, gestures and removals, bringing a tactile element to the work. Subtly evocative and malleable in character, the paintings openly invite a continued reflection of their mercurial surface.

For Mohr, the process of creation is very much an active part of the final work. By leaving evidence of his touch upon the canvas, he brings to the fore questions about the character of artistic and human endeavor. In his own words, “by focusing on the gentle, the subtle and the barely-there, my work is a reminder that the nature of all things is dissolution.”

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