David Burdeny’s haunting and deeply evocative aerial photographs deconstruct the relationship between man and nature. At once raw yet perfectly composed, surreal yet tangible, his work seeks the sublime in the ordinary, capturing landscapes through an unexpected perspective. Shot with a painterly expressiveness, his minimalist photographs exhibit an exacting simplicity that stems from the artists’ background in architecture and design. This meticulous structure imbues them with a synchronous and effortless sense of coherence, balance and quiet grandeur.

In Burdeny’s photographs, organic and inorganic forms are juxtaposed in a mesmerizing and absorbing visual experience. Geometric patterns and amorphous, sinewy shapes create graceful and vibrant abstract compositions that belie a provocative narrative about man’s impact on the natural world. The powerful interplay between color and light, coupled with a remarkable sense of spatial infinity, captures the transcendent experience of seeing nature as art.

As a photographer, Burdeny is afforded a specific immediacy and intimacy with the subjects he shoots. It is this visceral encounter that he hopes to convey in his work, bringing to life not only a particular landscape, but also an inherent subtext that speaks to a distinctive mood and sensuality. The artist himself is, “fascinated by the opportunity to invest symbols and narrative into built form or see the metaphor in a material space. I have an abiding interest in thresholds and liminality - places that seem somehow a bridge between the concrete and the ephemeral, elevated above time, hallowed.”

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