Inspired by the vibrant colors and culture of his native California, Chris Trueman’s electric canvases are dynamic in both their technique and palette. By uniting various currents in abstract painting the artist presents a uniquely complex aesthetic that harmoniously weaves together seemingly contradictory expressions. At once vivacious and graceful, spontaneous and intentional, solid and audacious, his work brings to life a new visual context through which to appreciate diverse artistic philosophies.

To create his work, the artist begins by using varied tools, including brushes and squeegees, to apply paint gesturally to a raw canvas. He then uses masking to carefully map the positive and negative spaces of the work using acrylic spray paint, ultimately achieving the illusionistic character of the composition. For Trueman, a painting is finished only when, “there is a tension and balance between the forms,” an ideal coherence between distinctive perceptions of color, line and space.

Much like aerial photographs, which can be appreciated from several different angles, the fluidity of these large-scale paintings extends beyond the canvas itself. The true north of these paintings is singular to the viewer, inviting a multiplicity of interpretations

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