British born Anthony Lamb’s photography is based on a minimalist approach that aims to reduce distraction by eliminating objects that sit outside the main subject. By using negative space in his photography, he intends to draw the eye into the main focus of the photograph. This simplicity opens the door to self-interpretation and emotional connection, similar to that of abstract art, making the photograph more intimate. Lamb explains, “I’ve always tried to incorporate stillness, seclusion and silence in my work and these elements reflect back at the viewer, drawing your interest deeper into the emotional story of the image.”

Based between London and Dubai, Lamb was always motivated to pursue a career in the arts. He attended an art college and studied Furniture and Product Design at Nottingham University in the UK. His love of the outdoors and interest in a simplistic design inspired him to pick up a camera, allowing Anthony to document experiences using his own interpretation in the field. Traveling to locations such as the Alps, Africa and Highlands of Scotland when he was younger gave him an appreciation of large open spaces that is seen throughout his practice.

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